Discover Potential Risks

Before Hackers

Strengthen your team’s defense with Phishy’s Phishing Simulation. Create real-life tests to spot and stop phishing quickly and protect your business.

Custom Crafted Scenarios

Craft engaging, scenario-based simulations with ease to keep your team's skills sharp against cyber threats

Schedule Simulations

Efficiently schedule simulations to ensure high engagement and optimal impact across your team

Insightful Reports

Quickly analyze your team's response to simulations and gather insights to strengthen your cyber defenses


Easy Simulation Setup

Run Sımulatıons

Launch & Track in Real-Time

See the Results

Simple Reports, Powerful Insights

Phishy gives you easy-to-understand reports so you can make your team's online safety even stronger

Opened Emails

Discover which employees are opening potential phishing emails, helping you focus on targeted awareness training.

Link Clicks

Identify the links that tempt your team the most and tailor your defenses to resist these lures.

Data Entries

Monitor instances of information being shared on mock phishing sites to reinforce the importance of data vigilance.

Download Alerts

Stay alert with notifications when files from simulated phishing emails are downloaded, highlighting the need for secure practices.

File Execution

Keep track of the files activated during simulations to pinpoint vulnerabilities and educate against unsafe actions.

Reporting Stats

Measure the effectiveness of your incident reporting process and enhance the speed and accuracy of your team's response.

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