Catch The Phishers Before They

Phish You

PhishyPot is an innovative cybersecurity module designed to proactively safeguard your organization by deploying decoy email addresses. These honeypot accounts mimic real employee emails and are strategically disseminated to attract and trap cyber attackers.

Smart Decoys Setup

Our fake emails look real, tricking phishers and keeping your staff safe from deceptive attacks.

24/7 Threat Watch

Day and night, our system vigilantly watches over honeypot accounts to catch phishers in the act.

Early Attack Alerts

We detect phishing attempts early by baiting hackers, keeping your actual inboxes threat-free.

Email honeypot: Proactive Phishing Defense

Expose Phishing Attempts Before They Reach Employee Inboxes

PhishyPot is a revolutionary new module that complements your existing Phishy incident response by adding a proactive layer of defense. We create decoy email addresses that mimic real employee addresses within your organization. These honeypot email addresses are then strategically placed throughout hacker forums and other dark web locations.
Proactive Phishing Defense

Lure Hackers Away from Real Inboxes with Decoy Emails

Set a Phishing Trap

Phishing Defense That's Easy and Effective

By deploying PhishyPot, you can:

Integrate Email Honeypot

Add decoy emails to servers easily, creating believable company identities to attract attackers.

Monitor Honeypot Non-Stop

Continuous monitoring ensures real-time tracking of all activity on honeypot emails, alerting teams to threats.

Auto-Analyze Honeypot Traffic

Automatically evaluate every email to honeypots, using sophisticated algorithms to identify and assess risks.

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