Incident Response

Report in Real-Time to Protect

Every Inbox

Optimize your team’s capabilities with Phishy’s Incident Response. Identify and report suspicious emails swiftly, ensuring robust inbox protection and quick differentiation between real and false threats across your organization.

Seamless Integration

Report with a click directly from your inbox, streamlining your phishing incident response workflow

Rapid Email Analysis

Benefit from 10-second, in-depth email examinations, leveraging advanced algorithms for fast, accurate results

Clear Decision-Making

Equip your analysts with concise, essential data to quickly differentiate between real threats and harmless emails

Snapshot of Securıty Alert

Quick Glance Incident Report

Get an immediate overview of potential threats with key details of reported emails
Snapshot of Securıty Alert

Quick Glance Incident Report

In-Depth Analysıs

Exhaustive Email Examination


Disable Links Company-Wide

Cut the threat at its source by breaking dangerous links throughout the company with one click

Report & Analyze

Employees report suspicious emails, which our system then quickly analyzes for risk assessment

Automated Email Removal

Upon confirmation, mark an email as phishing to remove it automatically from all inboxes, keeping your network secure

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