About Us

We're Pioneers in Protecting the Digital Frontier

Launched in 2022, Phishy is built on more than 10 years of expert knowledge in keeping online spaces safe. Our team has a long history in cybersecurity, and we use this experience to create new ways to protect businesses from online threats. With Phishy, we use what we know to help secure your tomorrow.

Our Approach

Empowering Awareness, Securing Futures

At Phishy, we prioritize making sure every employee can spot and handle cybersecurity risks. Success for us means our users are alert and ready. We use engaging training, live simulations, and quick incident handling to turn your staff into a strong defense against cyber threats. With Phishy, everyone plays a part in keeping the company safe.

The human element

Our secret? Sustainable Expertise

At Phishy, we are dedicated to creating enduring, expert-led cybersecurity training. Designed to be future-proof, our content equips your team to face both today's and tomorrow's digital threats.

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